How It all got started...

As an avid love of Art and History, I have always been captivated by the period between the wars in Europe and from an artistic perspective, especially France.  When I started doing research on the early drafts of Flashpoint it became very apparent to me that women were often left out of various artistic fields unless they were very wealthy or unless they were models.

There seemed to be missing the stories of women, who like the artists I know today, are hard working, middle class, struggling to become known.  I couldn't help but think of the many stories my friends and I would discuss over the years about talented elderly aunts or grandmothers who went a little crazy, or maybe were given a little laudanum to get by.

I thought it would be interesting to investigate this time period from the perspective of a woman who maybe gave up a little too soon and instead poured herself into the one chance she might have for success, her husband.  Having seen some fierce women on the PTA in my childhood who may have been better served by working at a law firm, I thought of Clara .  What did that look like for the women of that time that maybe wanted more? That couldn't even dream of becoming artists because the dream itself wasn't an option?  

Fortunately many things have changed for women artists over the years, but there is still room for growth.  Here's to the Clara's of yesterday and today and may their paintings be seen, their music be heard and their stories be told.

--Rita Marchelya